Tsholofelo Update


Global pandemic. Isolation. Quarantine.

Australian bushfires. Locust swarms. Floods.

Poaching. Political turmoil….

The list seemingly goes on infinitely.

Yet in the midst of the unprecedented chaos 2020 has brought, one thing keeps the cogs of humanity spinning. One thing fiercely reignites our collective soul. One thing sweeps us off our feet, forcing us to action. One thing: hope.

At two years and two months old, Tsholofelo—whose name translates to “hope”— reminds us that believing in a better future, a quite audacious task, is neither fruitless nor naive, but rather necessary. Tsholofelo has defied all odds and is now a healthy, 1,119 pound bundle of cheer; his success symbolizes that humanity can jump over the hurdles of the past few months, perhaps even finishing the race better than we started it.

But nothing can be accomplished alone. Tsholofelo has leaned on his handlers and MmaMotse to become the “eating machine” he is known as today. In fact, he is constantly glued to MmaMotse’s side, copying whatever she does. MmaMotse goes for a mud bath? So does Tsholofelo. MmaMotse rolls around in the sand? So does Tsholofelo. MmaMotse plops down for an afternoon nap? So goes Tsholofelo.

While humanity cannot afford to mimic each other’s actions as precisely as Tsholofelo mimics MmaMotse, we can surely lean on each other, as Tsholofelo leans on MmaMotse.


So as you find yourself lost in a cycle of bad news, remember Tsholofelo. Remember the hope that he symbolizes. Hope—what a marvelous, terrifying thing.

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