Community Outreach

Kids with laptops from Elephant Havens community outreach
Elephant Havens Community Outreach

Most conservation efforts focus on wildlife, not local communities. Elephant Havens is different. We are working to build healthy communities by implementing infrastructure initiatives such as fresh-water wells and school building improvements, and responding to other needs of the local population. Elephant Havens is also assisting with practical, affordable, and effective ways for people and wildlife to share the environment with fewer conflicts.

Our educational outreach programs have brought scores of adults and young children to visit and learn about elephants and their behavior by having a close-up experience with these smaller elephants. By educating children and local youths about conservation we hope to instill in them a sense of responsibility for the wildlife around them.

Through community awareness programs, we are reaching out to farmers and villagers to help them understand the long-term benefits of conservation. We are also working with them to find solutions to their specific elephant conflicts with the goal of sharing their habitat in harmony.

The locals who staff the orphanage as handlers, support, and administrative personnel are seeing a direct benefit of elephant conservation. Rather than being a threat to crops, livestock, and people, the elephants can be seen in a positive light, with the potential to drive income through jobs in the wildlife and tourism areas.

Elephant Havens Community Projects