Now Accepting Baby Elephants!

Friends of Elephant Havens,

Scott and I just returned from another very productive trip to Botswana. So much is happening at Elephant Havens — we are officially ready to accept our first babies in need!

We have built the boma (enclosure) where our little ones and their handlers will sleep, we have a proper shower for the handlers, and finally my proper toilet! This means we have put in the septic system and increased our solar system in order to give our handlers and elephants a lighted enclosure and we can run a microwave and a nice little bush kitchen. It is all very exciting.

The government has agreed to let us use our existing land to house our rescues until we are able to procure a larger tract of land. We met some incredible people in the Botswana government that are 100% behind us in our efforts to protect elephants and educate the communities about conservation and the positive impact of wildlife on the community.

I hope you’ve seen the photos of our cleanup project called SWEEPS. It has already made a lasting impact on the local community. We get more and more volunteers each week and great support. We intend to purchase large drums for trash to place in areas that seem to continue to have litter. We are very excited about the future projects that we plan to implement beyond the rescue, care and reintroduction to herd life for the baby elephants.

Scott and I want to wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season and thank you for the support you have shown us this year. It has been the most rewarding experience I have had in my lifetime. I take you all with me with each success we experience and hope that one day you can visit Elephant Havens knowing you had a part in making this dream come true.

Happy Holidays,
Debra Stevens & Scott Jackson

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