August Update—a Lady Never Tells Her Weight

It turns out MmaMotse, our first little orphan, isn’t fat, she’s just fluffy! Can you believe this not-so-little one had sunken cheeks and her backbone and ribs showed when we rescued her in December? Well look at her now! And thanks to one of our generous and kind donors we were finally able to get a much-needed elephant scale to know exactly how well she is doing. (Of course a lady never tells her weight, so we promised not to show it here.) 

When the scale arrived her handlers were wondering how they would get her to step up on it. Well, that proved to be almost too easy. They put a bucket of pellets, her favorite treat, on the far side of the scale and she just hopped up and started eating.

I can only imagine MmaMotse thinking, “What a wonderful new addition to my life. Whenever I stand on this magic platform I get treats.” Over the next few days we would find her back in her boma, just standing on the scale waiting for her reward! 

I was lucky enough to be there to witness this little angel’s cooperation and it warmed my heart. We are so lucky to have her as our first rescue. She is so easy-going and kind and loves everyone who gets close to her. MmaMotse is truly a ham and loves all the attention that each person gives her.

During our visit Bee rented a bus and brought 30 local school children and their teachers to visit us at Elephant Havens. We took them in groups to visit MmaMotse and teach them all about elephants and how valuable they are to the children’s community. They took pictures with her and explored all the magic of an elephant—like the trunk that can be right- or left-“handed” and where their ears are. There were so many questions to answer. After the visit two children thanked us—one in Setswana, the local language, and one in English. It was one of the highlights of our trip. These children will be forever changed by this experience, just as we have been.

There are so many things we still want to accomplish. We are again asking for funding to help us purchase the equipment for our bush lab. This will be so important moving forward with our orphans. We will be able to get immediate results from simple tests that we can perform ourselves at Elephant Havens. The first hours and days that we rescue an elephant are so critical and being able to quickly test and diagnose any problems could make the difference between life and death for these babies. It will be a life-saving addition to our facility and we are asking for your help.

If you are intending to make an end of year tax-exempt donation, please consider us. Also please consider giving now as we could start putting the funds to work sooner than later. I pledge that every dollar is going directly to Africa and our mission. 

I wish you all could witness the local community pulling fresh water from the well we drilled for them. We have also provided solar power to operate the well and an electric fence to keep the wildlife away from the water. Botswana is experiencing the worst drought in history. Even in the larger village of Maun there are times when they turn on the taps and there is no water. I have to say that providing water to the community is one of our proudest accomplishments. Your donations made this possible. 

There is a very small village (a cattle post, really) that is very close to Elephant Havens. Some of the local women and one of our employees have started a group singing and dancing to local songs. While we were there, they came to Elephant Havens to sing songs and dance for us. They were darling and so creative. We will definitely have them come dance when we have visitors. This will be a source of income for them that they never dreamed they would have. 

There are so many ways that your donations help the local people in their daily lives. I have been so encouraged by the little fingers of growth that we have witnessed in the months that we have been there. 

A day does not go by that I don’t think of what you all have done for little MmaMotse and the people of Botswana. Without you this could never happen. Please consider making a donation to help us continue to grow so that we can keep doing more for everyone there—the people and the elephants! 

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