Named for: His long tusks

Current Age: 4 years old
Date of Birth (Approximate): June 19, 2020
Gender: Male
Reason Orphaned: Drought
Rescue Date: October 19, 2023
Age at Rescue (Approximate): 3 years and 4 months old
Rescue Location: Hongwa, Okavango Delta Panhandle

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UPDATE: Back at Elephant Havens this thin, frightened boy was suspicious of our intentions. Young Tusk took to the bottle and hand-feeding, so we moved him from quarantine to the bomas where the dozen other youngsters sleep. But he was never calm. He charged at the handlers and charged at the enclosure. His eyes were always darting around with the whites of his eyes visible—a sure sign of anxiety. 

For 90 days we worked with this baby, and we saw no real prospects for his habituation and release. But we never give up on these little ones. Thinking he would never feel comfortable around humans (and old enough to no longer need a milk bottle), we decided to walk him down to the soft release area to join our venerable Matriarch MmaMotse and a few other ele’s who had been at the orphanage when he arrived. They knew just what to do to calm him and welcome him to the herd where they will keep him safe and watch over him. 

Two days after rescuing Chanoga, we received yet another call. A young elephant had been spotted some 450km away near Hongwa up in the panhandle of the Okavango Delta.

At our first rescue attempt, he joined a big breeding herd of elephants, so we thought perhaps his mother was there to pick him up. Two days later, though, he was back at that same area, all alone. We successfully rescued him and brought him back to the orphanage. His mother likely died due to the ongoing drought. Now that he’s with us, he’s getting plenty of milk and lots of treats and love.

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