Meaning of name: Knob Thorn Acacia Tree

Current Age: 1 year and 5 months old
Date of Birth (Approximate): February 1, 2023
Gender: Male
Reason Orphaned: Unknown
Rescue Date: August 1, 2023
Age at Rescue (Approximate): 6 months old
Rescue Location: Makoba Lagoon

Foster Me!

This little boy—and he is little, only six months at rescue—was found very near the soft release area where our seven oldest rescues are living.

We named him “Makoba” as we found him on the banks of the large Makoba Lagoon. The name is a good fit, since the elephant bomas and a large section of Elephant Havens are shaded by magnificent Makoba (knob thorn acacia) trees.

As usual, Bee and his team first monitored him to see if any passing herd might adopt him. Sadly, none did. It also appeared that a leopard had attacked the baby. Makoba had escaped but suffered some injuries from claws and jaws, and sported a rather short tail.

He was so small that we didn’t even need to dart and anesthetize him to bring him to safety. But he showed he was a powerful little one as it took Bee and four other team members to corrall him, pick him up and stow him in the Land Cruiser. His wounds were doctored and most of them have healed. We are still working on his tail, but believe we have it under control.

Makoba quickly graduated from quarantine to the regular bomas, and then, in record time, he joined the herd to roam the property daily. At only six months old, he is the object of constant attention from the matriarch, Tshepiso. She and her lieutenant, Boka, don’t let him out of their sight.

He is absolutely ecstatic when Debra scratches his cheeks, under his jaw, behind his ears and—well, you name it—each morning while he waits to move out of his boma. It is quite wonderful to see, but beware, an elephant’s skin is like a super rough, industrial-grade emery board. Debra’s nails look like she has been digging potatoes and being compensated by the bushel.

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